The iPhone of Car Seats

In the Awkward and Cumbersome Kids Design competition, car seats have narrowly beat out  breast pumps for the past twenty years. After all, they’re required, in the US at least, until your child reaches approximately puberty.

To be sure, it’s not the morning sickness or even two years of diapers that will limit the number of children my husband and I decide to have: it’s the number of times we can stand carrying those damn chairs to our local garage, getting our legs nicked up with the heavy awkward plastic bottoms and adjusting the bags, scooters and children that also hang off of us every quarter of a block.

But then this:

The Inflatable Car Seat

the iPhone of car seats. i'm salivating.

the iPhone of car seats. i’m salivating.

A car seat that fits in a backpack and inflates when you reach your garage (or car rental, or airport). Can you even imagine the luxury of ambling through JFK or Newark International without multiple car seats in tow?

It’s only a concept for now, meaning it’s not in production yet.

But Volvo, please. I’m begging you. Forget the kids. Do it for the parents.

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